Health and Safety

We’ve learnt about Health and Safety within the
Tourism sector, and the many challenges that come with it. We learnt about how
important risk management is, the costs of an accident, and how accidents can
be prevented within workplaces.  We also
learnt how important it is to manage health and safety in a tourism context, as
we looked up past accidents that have happened within tourism, and how it
affected businesses and the people around them. – Ash

Group Management

Group Management

Tour members often wander off to take pictures or to look at something that catches their eye, this picture capture’s the moment Luke brought a stray member back into the fold. In the foreground is Thomas, he’s wearing a pair of polished blue shoes unseen in the southern hemisphere, unfortunately they were accidentally cut off but can clearly be seen in other photographs – if there was a prize for best dressed student Thomas would win hands down.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

First Church of Otago

The main component of this course requires students to lead a guided tour of a centrally located point of interest. The spire of this church can be seen from all around Dunedin, however, to discover the true brilliance of this building you really need to go inside!

Botanic Gardens Conservation International Conference

 Botanic Gardens Conservation International Conference

Students from Otago Polytechnic’s Tour Guiding course helped look after 300 of the world’s top botanists, horticulturists and conservationists attending an international conference in Dunedin. The conference would coincide with the Dunedin Botanic Garden’s 150th anniversary, also due to be held in 2013.

04 Aug 2010

Hundreds of the world’s top botanists, horticulturists and conservationists

Learning life saving skills with the Red Cross

Our class took part in a first aid course over 2 days with the Red Cross. It was fun as well as informative and we learnt many skills and techniques that can help save people’s lives. We learnt all about allergies and poisons and how to deal with them in an emergency, CPR, injures and so much more. We all enjoyed taking part in this course and it was a great experience.


Thanks Erica!


This week we were suppose to be going on a mountain bike tour but due to adverse weather this was cancelled and was replaced with a trip to the historic Olveston home instead. Our guide for tour, Erica, was brilliant. She had a lot of knowledge about the house and background of the family that lived there, she answered all of our questions and mentioned some of the challenges a tour guide might face, and of course, what it is like to be one. She managed to relate the tour to our tour guiding course which was really good. With the tour lasting just over an hour of the 35 rooms in the house we got to see about 28 of them. With each room we were given a background into it and what the room was used for, Ange and I got a creepy vibe from one room in particular….


Aimee Kelly


Toitū – Otago Settlers Museum

On the 16th of August our tour guiding class took a wee trip to the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum. A shocking change to our usual class outings was the fact that Jessie Dooling and I arrived 20 minutes EARLY!?

Shock horror for everyone.

Our original plan for the museum was changed slightly because Helen had to look after her sick daughter, so Chris came up with an idea (an idea or a punishment, depends on how you feel about public speaking..) for each one of us to walk around and talk about a particular part of the museum two to three minutes. After I was given the news I accidentally spilt my coffee all over my leg!ImageImage 

 After successfully cleaning my mess up I went on to ace my presentation on Dunedin in the 20th Century, where I talked about automobiles and what not and forced the class onto the display tram to pose for possibly embarrassing photos.

 Rian Burrows


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