”A tour guide is a person who leads groups of people around a town, museum, or other tourist venue. The tour guide provides a commentary on the features and history of the location, the tours can be from as little as 10-15 minutes to extended periods over many days. Considerable importance is placed on the guide’s knowledge of local stories, history and culture depending on the location of the tour – Wikipedia:Tour Guide August 2007

This is a course for learning or validating the skills and duties involved in tour guiding for a tourism organisation.

Your lecturer Chris Roberts welcomes you to the tour guiding course at Otago Polytechnic, a course designed to challenge and inspire you by bringing to life just exactly what a tour guide does.

Chris has guided clients from all over the world in varous terrains including glacial (Franz Josef Glacier Guides), alpine/bush (Ultimate Hikes) and the lochs of Scotland (Loch Lomond Leisure Scotland).  He now owns and operates Back to Nature tours in Dunedin.

The following presentation is an overview of the different job opportunitiesavailable in the guiding industry.

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